"The perfect place for imperfect people."

Fargo, ND

Recovery Worship

The Story:

The building which has been our home for over 10 years has been owned by First United Methodist Church of Fargo.  It was a second site for them, what they called their "South Site."  After a time of discernment about their ministry as a church, they made a decision to sell the South Site, our home.

As we began to look for a new site for our ministry, the board and pastor of First United Methodist Church asked to speak with us, and when they did they invited our ministry to share space with them in their downtown site. We decided to accept their gracious offer.

At the new site we will use their second floor chapel for our worship service.  In addition, a suite of rooms has been given to us for use as office, meeting space (which we will call the Recovery Center) and storage.

Important dates

August 25th:

Last Sunday at our current location (3910 25th St S Fargo) at 10:00 AM.  We will say goodbye to what has been our home for over 10 years.  A Potluck Meal  will follow the worship service.

September 1:

Our first Sunday at our new location. We are housed inside Fargo First United Methodist Church at 906 1st Ave S (the corner of 1st Ave S and 10th St.  The worship time will be 10:15 AM.  This will be a "soft opening" over Labor Day Weekend.

September 8:

Grand Opening Sunday at our new location.  Worship at 10:15 AM. Housed in First United Methodist Church, at the corner of 1st Ave and 10th St S.  Fargo.

Recovery Worship is moving to a new location

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