Recovery Worship

We Love, We Offer,
We Meet, We Serve

Fargo, ND

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  • When it comes time for communion we have an "Open Table."  This means that if you want to come to communion, you are welcome, no matter what.  We use grape juice instead of wine.
  • There are many opportunities for persons attending to share their needs and thoughts.

Hallmarks of worship at Recovery Worship:

  • Absolutely every one is welcome regardless of spiritual background or lifestyle.
  • We meet each other where we are at in our lives
  • As much as humanly possible we are a No Judgment Zone

Worship each Sunday at 10:30 AM and 6:00 PM

Recovery literature speaks of the need of spirituality to succeed in sobriety and recovery.

We seek to the fill the void many have in finding a safe and supportive space to explore the "God of their understanding."

Worship is at the heart of Recovery Worship!